Monday, September 6, 2010

Smoke Signals by Yvette Poorter

For the past ten years Yvette Poorter has been the 'resident technician' for an unconventional International Artist Residency called Dwelling for Intervals. The project was based on the slow growth of a forest that she started from seeds. The project had three phases: A Week in the Woods (in a room, in an apartment, in Montreal, 2001-2003), This Neck of the Woods (in a backyard, in central Rotterdam 2005-2007), and Knock on Woods (a roving para-site, in Canada, The Netherlands, France, Portugal, Germany and Japan, 2007-2009). 

The last phase of Dwelling for Intervals is also the starting point for Smoke Signals. In 2011, Yvette will go to the Arctic to burn the archives for a final telling of the stories via smoke. At the same time, she will stake claim to icebergs with the Knock on Woods 'tree-flags' so that they might drift aimlessly and recklessly declaring shifting, unstable territories in the name of Smoke Signals Sound.



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